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Why should you invest in training and implementation of the Taguchi methods?
What are the advantages of this approach?

Experiment Planning - Planning process is emphasized and a structured approach that yield better results, is recommended .

 Experiment Design Technique - Utilizes standardized orthogonal arrays to lay out experiment.  The use of the orthogonal array keeps the size of the experiment manageable and makes it easier for experimenter with or without any background in statistics to apply the technique.

Interaction Studies - Two factor interactions are easily incorporated in designs and studied using the Triangular Tables which contain information about interaction column information. Also, interaction between noise factor and control factors are keenly examined and utilized as the foundation for robust design strategy.

Mixed Level Factor Design -  Experiment lay outs with factors at 2-level, 3-level, and 4-levels are easily accomplished by simple modification of the standard orthogonal arrays like L-8 and L-16.

Robust Design with Outer Array - Effects of noise factors (uncontrollable factors) are incorporated into experimental study by a unique method introduced by Dr. Taguchi. In this approach an orthogonal array of appropriate size is also used to combine the noise factors which creates conditions to which the trial conditions (combinations of the control factors) are exposed while carrying out the tests. To build robustness in design, the approach pursued is to " reduce variability without actually removing the cause of variation".

Analysis Using Signal-to-Noise Ratios (S/N) - As an essential yardstick for evaluation of performances of individual trial conditions, S/N ratios are used to determine robust design solutions. Because variation reduction is equally sought along with improvement of performance mean, analyses using both mean and standard deviation become necessary. S/N ratio, which is the logarithmic transformation of mean squared deviation (a function of both mean and standard deviation) easily achieves this objective. Additionally, use of the logarithmic scale, makes the factor influence behave in linear manner validating the common assumption used in making prediction of the performance at the optimum condition.

Loss Function - The Taguchi Loss Function is used to quantify the ill effects of un-quality and express it in terms of dollars. Experimenters pursuing improvement study now can estimate savings expected from the design improvements, with statistical validity.

Dynamic Characteristics - Intended for advanced experimenters, this technique allows going after robust designs of systems with variable performance characteristics.


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Why Nutek training and what's its specialties?

  Nutek specializes in training and applications. Based on over two decades of experience, it has streamlined its training format for maximum participants gain. Nutek also has developed a unique structure for experiment planning discussions and problem solving.

Nutek offers: Training, Textbooks, Consulting, and Qualitek-4 software


What implementation options are recommended?


How can Nutek can help?

1. Building In-house Capability  
  • Train all involved with our 2-day session and Six Sigma quality champions (Black Belts, trainers) with our 4-day sessions.
  • Retain Nutek to help your internal champions apply the techniques in three applications.
  • Procure our training materials and software for company wide applications.
2. Going for Immediate Applications  
  • Retain Nutek to help with solving technical issues and problems.
  • Receive comprehensive supports in experiment planning, experiment design, and analysis of results.
  • Send you internal champions/trainers to Nutek's public seminar in Troy, MI to attend our 4-day session.
  • Purchase software and other training materials on as needed basis.
3. Training & Implementation with Nutek Resources  
  • You may use our training materials (royalty based), textbook, and software to start training your own trainers.
  • Our training materials, textbooks, and software are available for corporate purchase

[If you prefer this approach, we highly recommend that you have us train your trainers and retain us to facilitate at least two of your first application projects. This is to assure that you benefit most from our training materials and learn the unique structured approach to problem solving we developed.]




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