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Validation Testing for Robust Product Performance
(Assistance with application of the Taguchi experimental technique to plan and execute validation testing)

What you do:
- Identify product requiring validation testing
- Form project team and appoint leader

We help you with application:

  • Validation Test Planning (Test for robustness)

  • Design Optimization

  • Problem Solving

Test SMARTER. Use Design of Experiment (DOE) technique to plan experiments.

How you benefit:
-  Lay out  test plan to validate performance
- Gather better understanding of the factor influences
- Learn what to do to make products robust


Many products, machinery, and equipments must perform under uncontrollable and extreme environments such as temperature, humidity, gravity, corrosive and electro-magnetic atmospheres. While these factors are recognized as uncontrollable noise factors during the design process, they need to be treated as real factors to perform validation testing. The shear number of such factors, however, make it very difficult to determine worst performing condition, or even to test all possible condition. Use of the design of experiment (DOE) technique can drastically reduce the cost of validating performances of your products under specified and extreme application environment. 

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When you select us to support you with your validation test planning, we will support your project in the following three major phases.

  • Facilitate Brainstorming & Experiment Planning
  • Lay out Test Plan and Prescribe Data Collection Procedure
  • Analyze Results and Report Findings

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(Click here to review: List of Nutek Client Companies)

Press Release
Nutek Inc. Provides Training for US Navy on Use of the Taguchi/DOE for Performance Validation Testing
June 24, 2005--Bloomfield Hills, MI, Nutek, Inc. recently completed a 3-day training seminar at Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR), the U.S. Navy’s operational test agency in Norfolk, Virginia. In attendance were nearly 30 operational testers and analysts. This seminar was aimed at test directors interested in learning how to use the Taguchi experimental design technique for validation testing of weapon systems and equipment being acquired by the US Navy.

Design of Experiment (DOE) using the Taguchi approach is a statistical technique for selecting the most desirable option or combination from among a number of possible options. The technique has been effectively used in product design optimization, process development, and problem solving for years. Although, applied infrequently, its use in validation testing has a high potential for cost and time savings.

According to Guy Cofield, Director of Training for COMOPTEVFOR, the training was pursued to enhance operational test planning:

“We conduct operational testing in realistic conditions, often simulating war. Our main focus for DOE right now is on effectiveness. If we have a system to test - say a new minesweeper - we would test by running it through a simulated minefield and collecting data on # of mines detected, # missed etc. A big question always comes up about how many test conditions and how many samples to run such that we have confidence in our results.”

Speaking as a seminar participant, Cofield added that all participants “enjoyed the class and are hoping DOE can be applied to run smarter and hopefully more efficient, tests.” Other participants had favorable responses as well. “The seminar covered good information that can be used by many at this command; I thought the program put a lot of stress on planning some of these procedures will help me.” said attendee LTJG. James Harris. “The instructor was very articulate in his delivery and provided several examples each time to ensure a good understanding by all”, stated Tim Burrows, another participant.

This seminar/workshop was instructed by Nutek’s principal trainer, Ranjit K. Roy, Ph.D., P.E., PMP (M.E.). Dr. Roy specializes in the Taguchi Approach to Quality Improvement. He is also the author of two leading textbooks on the Taguchi applications, and custom software used in the seminar.

Nutek, Inc., located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is an engineering consulting firm specializing in the implementation of quality improvement techniques for the manufacturing industries. Nutek's engineering specialists help clients solve quality-related production or manufacturing problems, and teach them how to do the same by facilitating applications and providing application-oriented training seminars. Nutek is the developer of Qualitek-4 software for design and analysis of Taguchi experiments. Nutek has been helping manufacturers in this area learn how to solve problems, improve quality, and reduce costs since 1987.