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How to Sponsor our Seminar:
Product and Process Design Improvement Using the Taguchi Approach
[If you are  an individual or organization interested in sponsoring our seminar/workshop or organize public sessions in your locality, you will find some helpful information in this site. Please use the following information as guidelines only.]

Consideration for Sponsoring Our 4-day DOE Seminar/Workshop


Hosting our seminar requires considerable amount of effort on your part even when you can make it financially self-supporting. However, if you are dedicated in bringing the technique to your organization or introduce the technique to your area industries and help promote the knowledge among others, your effort may be highly rewarding.

Is the condition ‘RIGHT” for you to proceed?


  • Are you interested in promoting knowledge and application of the Product and Process Design Improvement Using the Taguchi Approach in your area industry and are willing to provide the leadership in your community/country?
  • Could you solicit and secure sponsors among local universities, industries, or professional organizations?
  • Is the economic condition in your area conducive to raising funds to support the cost of the seminar?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative (Yes or may be), you can proceed to determine how best to go about making arrangement for our 4-day seminar with application workshop. 

Please visit for detail description of our seminar.

(Ignore the cost of our onsite seminar posted in the site. Your cost and content may depend on what the market at your area can bear and what your expenses are.). The seminar you will host may be same as our open enrollment seminar: .

These seminars are taught by Dr. Roy. To maximize your long term implementation goals, you may want to use such sessions to train the trainers within the industry or the sponsoring organization.



Get sponsors in your local area (University, professional societies, or industry). They may not reduce your work, but may offer their facilities and marketing skills for the seminar.            

Facilities: Room with good seating and presentations.

Step 2


Understand the seminar content and format: 

Our 4-day seminar with application workshop is intended for application minded engineering and scientific professionals, instructors and consultants. By attending this session the participants learn the knowledge necessary for immediate application. 

What do the attendees to this session receive?     Seminar handout (over 200 pages),  Qualitek-4 software (at a deep discount price),  Lunch (all four days, optional -  host to decide)

What will the attendees need to bring to the class?   One scientific calculator,  Ideas for project applications,   Laptop computer if available (Need one computer for every 3 -4 people for the last two days of the class.), etc. 

What would the sponsor/host need to provide?    Publicize seminar and register attendees, Provide facilities & equipment for seminar, Duplicate seminar handout from master copy provided by Nutek,     Provide lunches (if included), etc. 

What would Nutek provide for the seminar?   Nutek will provide to host a master copy of the seminar handout materials (electronic or hard copy provided),  Answer and questions from interested participants before the seminar, Conduct the seminar on scheduled date, Issue certificates of attendance in collaboration with the host, etc.

Step 3


Evaluate financial feasibilities (costs) and prepare a cost/expense model: 

C1 = Cost of publicity and registration
C2 = Expenses for facilities and meals (4 days, if included) for attendees
C3 = Cost of seminar handout reproduction and computer projection device
C4 = Cost of language translator (if applicable)
C5 = Payment to Nutek, Inc. for seminar instruction & materials, and travel & lodging.

(Generally, the cost of the seminar is flexible. Also, the cost of travel, lodging, and meals may or may not be included in the agreed cost. 

If  N = number of attendees (12 – 30 attendees) and R = Registration cost/attendee 

Then     NxR = (C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 + C5) 

Example Calculations: 

Assume that N =20, and R = $1,200 that is

Total revenue =  N x R = $24,000    (for all of C1, C2, ..  . C5) 

Now if you know expenses C1, C2, C3, and C4, you can estimate what is possible for you to pay Nutek for the seminar. 

For seminar outside USA, our charge for the seminar, travel, and lodging generally comes between $ 800 and $1,200 per attendees, depending on the number of attendees in the class. 

[If software is not included in the seminar, the cost of the seminar would be lower and a new cost model will apply. As a host, you may propose new seminar format and price structure]

Step 4


Get agreement with Nutek on cost model and if agreed, secure a date for the seminar.

Step 5

  Prepare seminar announcement (Nutek will provide materials) and proceed with registration.

Step 6

  Send roundtrip (Detroit - ??-Detroit) air ticket two weeks before the seminar. (In the event the fund is not available, have your sponsor/university send a letter to R. Roy, Nutek regarding the payment plan.). Pay the agreed cost of the seminar during the second day of the seminar.

Step 7

  Be prepared for the seminar and receive course instructor (R. Roy) the day before the seminar.