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DOE for Design Optimization using Analytical Simulations
(Assistance with Application of DOE/Taguchi Approach)     

        Although, Design of Experiments (DOE, the Taguchi approach) is often the technique of choice in the industry for product and process design improvement efforts, its impact is far greater when applied up-front in concept development. It  can greatly reduce iterations when analytical models are used to simulate and study real life behavior .
      Major automotive companies have been using the DOE/Taguchi technique to optimize structural designs and process development since 1980s. When applied in the early stages of product designs, such as in the simulation studies using finite element models (FEM), alternative design options can be evaluated rapidly with minimum cost (Primarily due to reduced number of computations and cost of runs).

Areas of activities we can help (What we do):
  • Experiment Planning - Review simulation model and help determine factors to study and results to monitor.
  • Experiment Layout - Design experiments and describe trial conditions for simulation model.
  • Analysis of Results - Analyze results of the planned simulation models to determine optimum design condition.

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Example applications showing how manufacturing clients benefited from our services: 
  (1)     Client business/activity:   Research & development of medical devices and equipments.
Areas of DOE Applications:   Simulation study using CAD & FEM
Objective of Study:   Optimize design before release. Needed expert advice and review of simulation study results to determine design parameters. 
Current level of DOE expertise within project team:   Team leader was well read on DOE/Taguchi principles. Also knows how to use Qualitek-4 to analyze results of example experiments in DEMO version. Sought assurance by having the test results analyzed by specialist/consultant.
Areas of support received from Nutek:   Analysis DOE results produced from FEM simulation study
Client benefits:   Reduced time in FEM model iterations for optimized design

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