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    QT4 DEMO and Other Download Files:

    Click here to Download DEMO (Display and/or save in your own computer, less than 50 Meg.):
    (1) Qualitek-4 DEMO (32 Bits) Installation/Setup file ( )
    or ALTERNATE SITE: ( )

    (2) Qualitek-4 DEMO (64 Bits) Installation/Setup file ( )

    Alternate Download Location:
    (1) Qualitek-4 DEMO(32 Bits) Installation/Setup file ( )
    or ALTERNATE SITE: ( )

    (2) Qualitek-4 DEMO(64 Bits) Installation/Setup file ( )


    Taguchi DOE Application Discussion Group (TDA-DG). Visit this group

    Optional Download and References
    1. Basic Taguchi DOE (
    2. DOE-Application_Roadmap&Examples-RKR (
    3. DOE-Taguchi_Knowledge_Base (
    4. QT4-Capabilities&QA (
    5. QT4-Quality_Digest_Article (
    6. QT4-Setup_Application_Guide (
    7. QT4-Setup_Readme-Quickref (
    8. QT4-Setup_UserGuide (
    9. QT4-Troubleshooting_Win7-64Bit_European_Users (
    10. Special statistical calculation program (
    11. Qualitek-4_Flyer (
    12. Qualitek-4_User_Ref_Manual_V17+ (


    Reference Articles & Sites
    1. 16 Steps to Product...
    2. Read an independent review of Qualitek-4:

    3. Comments from users world wide
    4. Other resources
    5. References on the Taguchi approach
    6.DOE Topic Overviews & Common Orthogonal Arrays
    Review and print Sample Problem Solving Project Reports: ,
    8.Rubik's Cube - Solution:
    9.Testimonial (Die casting)
    10. Seminar Slides (4-day workshop) httP://
    11. A Primer.. Second Edition: Flyer

    Publications, Press Releases & News Items
    Robust PID controllers by Taguchi's method, John G. Vlachogiannis, Ranjit K. Roy, The TQM Magazine, ISSN: 0954-478X, 2005 Volume: 17 Issue: 5 Page: 456 - 466

    Review and download Taguchi DOE Seminar Flyer (2 Page):
    Review and download Taguchi DOE Seminar Flyer (4 Page):
    Review and download Qualitek-4 Reference Manual:

    Download for Host: Pat Hetherington, April 15, 2005.

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    Download QT4 DEMO: Download QT4 Reference Manual: Review Qualitek-4 Brochure: Read report in Oakland Business Review:

    Seminar Notes from our Distributor, DOE-I Seminar Notes $49.95 Preview: Share-It ID: #300055446 Delivery: DIRECT URLs TO PROGRAM PAGES:

    DOE-II Seminar Notes $59.95 Preview: Share-It ID: #300055450 Delivery: DIRECT URLs TO PROGRAM PAGES:

    PM Seminar Notes $69.95 Preview: Share-It ID: #300055XXX Delivery: DIRECT URLs TO PROGRAM PAGES:

    PPS Seminar Notes $39.95 Preview: Share-It ID: #300055XXX Delivery: DIRECT URLs TO PROGRAM PAGES: Share-It Customer Service Department.

    Purchase all electronic version of Qualitek-4 for $1,690. Click here to order from our distributor ShareIt.Com using your credit card
    Order academic version of Qualitek-4 from our distributor ShareIt.Com
    using your credit card



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