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Sample Qualitek-4 Screens
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Qualitek-4 start screen.








Registration screen




















This is Main Screen of Qualitek-4.

The program always starts with experiment file PISTON. Q4W









New!  New !   New Options in Version 14.1 +, January 2007

PLAN, a totally new menu option includes recommended steps for successful experiment planning activities.







Several capabilities relating Loss Function with common statistical indices are updated. You would find these capabilities helpful in interpreting results of your experimental studies.





Several options under Simulation Study have been updated for clarity and on-screen help. You can use this option to research on validity of orthogonal array designed experiments and interpret accuracy values for degree of non-linearity of factor influences.





New users can now conveniently use help tips in getting started with the program.






As you proceed with analysis, you will see this screen of all experimental results.

Depending on the type of analysis you selected, average, standard deviation, or signal-to-noise ratio for each trial condition will also be shown.










This screen shows plot of multiple factor influences. You can exercise this plotting capability from the Main Effect screen.    

You also have the option to plot influence of single factor at a time like shown here.    






Like the factor influences, the effects of the noise factors can also be obtained when the noise factors are included using the outer array in the experiment design.    

Whether or not interactions between factors are planned for studies, the presence of interaction information can indeed be available for all possible factor interactions. The severity of presence of the interaction can be    










Extraction of noise factor influence from experiment designs with outer array    





Noise factor effects    

Bar Graph of significant factor and interaction influences.    





Pie Graph of significant factor and interaction influences    



Transformation of Optimum performance in S/N to units of the original results.    

Confidence Interval (C.I.) of the expected performance at optimum.    

Stacked Bar Graph of contributions from significant factors.    


    Variation reduction plot is an important single document that captures a comparative performance status of the system under investigation. Upon completion of experiment, this plot can be conveniently used for management briefing with graphical display of improved shape of the distribution and the resulting savings expected.


Analysis of Experiments with Dynamic Characteristics














P-Diagram for design and analysis of dynamic systems is common starting point. When system parameters are entered, QT4 displays the diagram shown below.











Qualitek-4 version 7.5 and above contains a few additional capabilities to perform common quality engineering computations. Some of the capabilities are displayed in the following screens.

Be low is a plot of distribution and corresponding Cp & Cpk values for user supplied performance parameters. [Find this option under Loss/Savings menu item in Qualitek-4]




Normal distribution plot from user entered standard deviation and average performance data. [Find this option under Loss/Savings menu item in Qualitek-4]



Normal distribution plot from user entered standard deviation and average performance data for two status of product performances, before and after experiment. [Find this option under Loss/Savings menu item in Qualitek-4]



Loss Function plot from user entered standard production parameters and predicted performance improvement data.[Find this option under Loss/Savings menu item in Qualitek-4]



Partial results from full factorial combination for a linear simulation model of seven factors are shown below. This capability allows users to determine the accuracy of the orthogonal array design. [Find this option under Simulation menu item in Qualitek-4]