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Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Examination - Resources and Passing Strategies

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  Applying for the PMP® Exam

1.  Download PMP Handout:

2.  Become a PMI member and deposit the exam fee as a member:
    $405 for PMI members (2009)
    $555 for non-members (membership $129)

3.  Submit application form describing project management experience:
         - 4500 hours minimum if candidate has a B.S. degree
         - 7500 hours minimum if candidate does not have a B.S. degree

4.  Show that you have 35 hours minimum of project management training education.



  What is the PMP Certification Examination? The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification examination tests your knowledge of project management application skills. This is how Project Management Institute (PMI) which conducts the PMP examination defines it: "This four-hour examination composed of 200 multiple-choice questions measures your ability to apply knowledge, skills and techniques used in project management. The examination is developed by groups of individuals from around the globe who hold the PMP credential and is routinely reviewed and revised to ensure the best and consistently objective assessment."

25 of the 200 questions are considered as pretest questions. Pretest questions do not affect the candidate's score and are placed randomly throughout the exam.

Download, review and print PMP Handbook with application forms:

  What are minimum education and experience needs to apply for PMP certification examination?

You must complete Project Management Experience Verification Form(s). You will need to document your project management experience in the Verification Form. For project management experience, you need not have worked with official job title "Project Manager". Your experience as project responsible individual counts for this purpose. Each project you submit with the application must be listed on a separate form.

The length of experience you need varies depending on your education. If you hold a baccalaureate degree, you will need to have 4,500 hours minimum PM experience gained over a 3-6 year period prior to application.

If you do not hold a baccalaureate degree, you will need to have 7,500 hours minimum PM experience gained over a 5-8 year period prior to application.

  • Your project management experience must be within last 8 years of application.
  • Your experience must be non-overlapping. Individual months can only be counted toward the 36 month requirement once. This applies if the applicant worked on multiple projects during the same month.
  • At least 35 contact hours of specific instruction* that addresses learning objectives in project management. Hours must include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management. No time limit associated with when the 35 hours were accrued.

Nutek, Inc. is a PMI Registered Education Provider, providing quality training to prepare current and future project managers ready for PMP certification examination ( ).

  How do you apply for PMP Certification Examination conducted by PMI? Download, review and print PMP Handbook with application forms: .

You may apply online or mail the completed form to PMI ( ). The best time to appear in the examination is within one year of completing training. The current knowledge of the training helps you easily document your experience requirements in the application form.

  How quickly does PMI process the application?

PMI takes 10-14 working days to process online applications. Online applications can be processed up to 4 weeks faster than paper-based applications.

You may expect an eligibility letter 3-5 days after your application is received by PMI confirming that you are eligible to take the exam. The letter includes an eligibility number assigned by PMI and details on scheduling the exam.

All online applicants are issued a "CE number" and be asked to choose a password. Users can save information and log in at any time using the CE number and password to update the application. Users must type "CE" before the number.

You have 6 months to take exam and may get one extension of 6 months.


Our Recommendations - Steps to Prepare for PMP Certification Exam

  What is a recommended strategy to pass PMP Certification Exam.?


What if I do not pass?

Assuming you qualify with your experience, we recommend the following steps:

1. Attend Nutek training to fulfill the 35 hour education requirements.

Our training reference materials has special concentrations on technical areas like Scheduling using CM & PERT statistics, present and future value of money, earned value evaluations, etc. You will find it helpful to review and build confidence in answering questions on these topics. (You should spend about 40 hours reviewing the course materials after training.)

2. Download, borrow or purchase a copy of PMBOK for reference. Review this book thoroughly. (Spend about 20 hours making yourself familiar with the content.)

3. Review at least 800 sample PMP exam Q&A's. You may consider downloading Q&A's available in this site or purchase a PMP preparatory book or CD-ROM with sample questions. You must review all these set of questions at least THREE TIMES to develop familiarity with the answers and explanation to all questions. (Consider spending about 120 hours or 30 days, 4 hours/day)

4. Schedule examination and confidently take the test.

If you do not pass the exam, you may submit the Re-Examination Form to PMI. There is no waiting period to submit the Reexamination Form or to retake the complete examination. The Reexamination Form should be mailed to:

PMI Certification Department, Project Management Institute, Four Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, PA 19073, USA. The cost for re-examination is $275 for PMI member and $375 for non-members (August 2007).