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Taguchi DOE Application Resources for Self-Learners Free downloads or Review Links)

1.1 Nutek Sem. Handout DOE_Taguchi_Basic_Manual (121 pages)  1.1a Robust Design: DOE-II_Mod0-9 (Seminar Handout)

1.2 Download Qualitek-4 DEMO (Free experiment designs with L-8 array)
1.3 Join Taguchi DOE Application Group (TDA-DG , GOOGLE) Past DOE-Discussion1 DOE-Discussion2

1.4 Get free experiment design solutions

1.5 Study application examples

1.6 Follow Recommended Experiment Planning Steps
1.7 Contact expert users
1.8 A Walk-Through_DOE_Application: Injection_Molding_Process
1.9 Paper Helicopter Flight Optimization - Demonstration Project
1.10 Paper on Problem_Solving & Lean
1.11 Download Qualitek-4 Example files for Textbook: 16 Steps..
1.12 FREE Video Lectures on quality by Prof. T. Bagchi, IIT, Kharagpur, India
2.1 Purchase textbooks and study
2.2 Purchase Qualitek-4 software when needed
2.3 Attend seminar/workshop
2.4 Sponsor onsite group training
2.5 Follow RecommendedExperiment Planning Steps Hire trainers to TRAIN THE TRAINERS (Misc. Topics)
2.6 16 Steps to Product and Process Designs (Article)... 


  Additional Free References
[Taguchi DOE Application Discussion Group (TDA-DG). Visit this group.]

3.1 Taguchi Design of Experiments  -     DOE_Topic_Overviews
3.2 Review and print Sample Problem Solving Project Reports
3.3 DOE Demystified (Scroll down when in site)
3.4 16 Steps to Product & process Design Improvement

3.5 TRAINING: Taguchi/DOE and other Topics
3.6 Free Working DEMO Software Download: Qualitek-4, Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguchi Experiments
3.7 Overall Evaluation Criterion (OEC)
Performance with Multiple Objectives 
>GAMES FOR ALL AGES (Brain Teasers)
5.1 Rubik's Cube - Solution Guide (View & Copy/Save PDF document)


Complimentary Seminar Notes on Various Topics in Quality Improvement Tools and Techniques:

4.1    QITT01 - Quality Operating System (QOS)
4.2    QITT02 - Taguchi Loss Function and Tolerancing
4.3    QITT03 - Reliability Test Planning & Weibull Analysis
4.4    QITT04 - Statistical Process Control (SPC)
4.5    QITT05 - Project Management
4.6    QITT06 - Bolted Joints
4.7    QITT07 - Overall Evaluation Criteria (OEC) Strategy
4.8    QITT08 - Benchmarking Overview
4.9    QITT09 - Production Problem Solving by DOE
4.10  QITT10 - Quantitative & Statistical Data Analysis
4.11  QITT11 - Basic Quality Improvement Tools
4.12 __ 




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