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Taguchi DOE Application Resources for Self-Learners Free downloads or Review)

1.1 Nutek Sem. Handout DOE_Taguchi_Basic_Manual (121 pages)  1.1a Robust Design: DOE-II_Mod0-9 (Seminar Handout)

1.2 Download Qualitek-4 DEMO (Free experiment designs with L-8 array)
1.3 Join Taguchi DOE Application Group (TDA-DG , GOOGLE) Past DOE-Discussion1 DOE-Discussion2

1.4 Get free experiment design solutions

1.5 Study application examples

1.6 Follow Recommended Experiment Planning Steps
1.7 Contact expert users
1.8 A Walk-Through_DOE_Application: Injection_Molding_Process
1.9 Paper Helicopter Flight Optimization - Demonstration Project
1.10 Paper on Problem_Solving & Lean
1.11 Download Qualitek-4 Example files for Textbook: 16 Steps..
1.12 FREE Video Lectures on quality by Prof. T. Bagchi, IIT, Kharagpur, India
2.1 Purchase textbooks and study
2.2 Purchase Qualitek-4 software when needed
2.3 Attend seminar/workshop
2.4 Sponsor onsite group training
2.5 Follow RecommendedExperiment Planning Steps Hire trainers to TRAIN THE TRAINERS (Misc. Topics)

  Additional Free References
[Taguchi DOE Application Discussion Group (TDA-DG). Visit this group.]

3.1 Taguchi Design of Experiments  -    
3.2 Review and print Sample Problem Solving Project Reports
3.3 DOE Demystified (Scroll down when in site)
3.4 16 Steps to Product & process Design Improvement

3.5 TRAINING: Taguchi/DOE and other Topics
3.6 Free Working DEMO Software Download: Qualitek-4, Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguchi Experiments
3.7 Overall Evaluation Criterion (OEC)
Performance with Multiple Objectives 
>GAMES FOR ALL AGES (Brain Teasers)
5.1 Rubik's Cube - Solution Guide (View & Copy/Save PDF document)

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