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 Qualitek-4 WORKING DEMO Download 
Qualitek-4 Version 15.6
+ with experiment planning guide and more. Latest release (Windows Xp, VISTA, and Win7, 32Bit & 64Bits).

 Qualitek-4 (QT4) is a Windows based software for Automatic Design and Analysis of the Taguchi Experiments. Experimenters use QT4 to help you with (1) experiment planning, (2) experiment design, and (3) analysis of results. 

Qualitek-4 DEMO - This Full Featured Working Model (DEMO) is our standard Windows 32 Bits version.  You will have LIMITED TIME to evaluate this working DEMO. The DEMO version contains all examples experiments described in the textbooks by R. Roy.

Click below to Download DEMO (save in your own computer, less than 50 Meg.). If you are contemplating buying Qualitek-4 software, you must download, install and run the working DEMO version before placing orders: (Install DEMO and assure your system compatibility, 32/64 Bits, WIndows Xp, Vista, 7 and....)

     Download and Insatall Qualitek-4 DEMO (32 Bits) file   ( )

or  Download "QT4-Setup.EXE" from the Google Drive (Click on "Download", then save it in your computer)

Optional Download and References
1. Basic Taguchi DOE (
2. DOE-Application_Roadmap&Examples-RKR (
3. DOE-Taguchi_Knowledge_Base (

4. QT4-Capabilities&QA (
5. QT4-Quality_Digest_Article (
6. QT4-Setup_Application_Guide (
7. QT4-Setup_Readme-Quickref (
8. QT4-Setup_UserGuide (
9. QT4-Troubleshooting_Win7-64Bit_European_Users (
10. Qualitek-4_Flyer (
11. Qualitek-4_User_Ref_Manual_V17+ (  

12. Special statistical calculation program (

13. Free Reference Literature Download Site  

or  Explore and download many of the files shown above from our folder in the Google Drive. 

Qualitek-4 DEMO lets you review over 140 example experiments of all sizes. It also allows you to design and analyze your own experiments which utilizes L-8 array.  

To install: 
Create a directory named NUTEK in your hard disk  
-Download and save  installation file (QT4-Setup.EXE) in this directory 
-Run C:\NUTEK\QT4-Setup.EXE to install Qualitek-4 program.  When prompted for registration number, enter "Demo"

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