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  1. Download and upload a copy of the DEMO (, # 1 below) in your website and advertise availability to your prospects.
  2. For learning how to use Qualitek-4 and Taguchi DOE technique, make items #2, #3 and others available to potential users.
  3. Place a link to Nutek sites ( and )  from your web sites.

References & Downloads

  1. Download QT4 DEMO:   
  2. HOW TO USE Qualitek-4  
  3. Basic Taguchi DOE -
  4. Download QT4 Reference Manual: 
  5. Review Qualitek-4 Brochure:
  6. Download & print summary report on DOE/Taguchi topics:
  7. To find out about sponsors and users of Qualitek-4, visit Google search results:




Are You Interested in Becoming Our Dealer?

Software Dealers and Resellers
If you or your business deal in special purpose software for engineering and scientific professionals, you may be interested in representing our software packages. At Nutek, Inc., we specialize in developing and marketing software packages for Design of Experiments Using Taguchi Approach. Our Qualitek-4 software for Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguchi Experiments, is one of the most popular software of its kind.

Software You Will Represent
Qualitek-4 (Windows, IBM/Compatibles), Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguchi Experiments.
Retail Price: $1,996 (USD). The price for academic users is discounted 25% from the list price.

Method of Sales and Transaction
When you place an order with us, you may provide us with the name of the buyer so that we can ship the software directly to them and invoice you at 65% of the list price + $25 shipping (within USA, $60 outside USA)). Upon delivery of the software, you will invoice the customer for the list price (or less) + shipping. On the other hand, if you want to stock up one or more copies of the software, you can place such orders with us at 35% discounts.

Your Commission
As a reseller, you will always receive our software package at 65% of the list price.

Your Credit With us
Let us know your bank information and your payment plan. Generally, we will accept your purchase order on a 30 day payment plan, for single copy sale of the software.

Demonstrate Our Software to Your Clients
Full Featured Working Model (DEMO) of our software packages are downloadable from our web site ( ). We request that you ask your customers to download the software and try it before they make the purchase decision.

Should you prefer to have your own copy of the software, you can buy a copy at 50% discount (dealers price).

How to Become Our Dealer
To become our dealer, either (a) Register with us as a dealer by providing your complete address and BANK account information (b) Actively promote our product in your sales literature (describe future listing plan). Get started right-away without any obligation. Test your market. Call us just before your first order. Please call or email us with your interest and business practices.