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TRIZ  ( The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

This session covers a structured and creative approach to understand, innovate and improve complex systems. By attending this session, participants understand the advantages of TRIZ methods and learn how to develop technical systems and new patents.  They also gain an appreciation for systematic evolution of technical systems and are able to develop strategy for improvement while reducing cost.

TRIZ (pronounced TREEZ) is the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ began in 1946 when the Russian engineer and scientist Genrich Altshuller discovered that, The process of solving problems is accessible to anyone, important to learn, and very exciting to work through.  We can teach everybody to invent.  TRIZ provides a proven approach to understand and improve complex systems where a solution is not readily available.  

This course is intended to give someone with no TRIZ background a practical overview of TRIZ, and a process with software to begin practicing and benefiting from TRIZ fundamentals in their daily work life.  The practices in this one-day course are intended to change the way a participants looks at systems and problems, while providing a framework of basic TRIZ approaches for problem solving and system improvement.  



Course Leader

Larry R. Smith is the current president of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies and has been involved in numerous applications of TRIZ since 1993. 

A Fellow who also served as national director of the American Society for Quality 2004-2006, Smith retired from the Ford Motor Company where his career emphasis was in quality engineering and product development. He was instrumental in initiating a Six Sigma effort at Ford.

Larry holds three Master's Degrees: in metallurgical engineering and physics from the University of Michigan and in industrial engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, where he is also a part-time faculty member.


Topics of Discussions 

  • Introduction to TRIZ
    • Genrich Altshuller
    • Brainstorming software
  • An Inventive Situation
    • Definition of an inventive problem
    • The notion of contradictions
    • The theory of strong thinking
  • Problem Definition
    • Ideality
    • System Approach
    • Exercise
    • The notion of guided brainstorming
  • Formulation and Guided Brainstorming
    • Technical Contradictions
    • Exercise
    • Physical Contradictions
    • System of Operators
    • TRIZ Improvement Approaches
    • Exercise
  • Develop and Improve Concepts
    • Affinity Diagram
    • Resources
    • Exercise
    • Laws and lines of evolution
    • Physical, Chemical and Geometric effects
  • Subsequent Tasks
    • Secondary Problems
    • The Evolution of TRIZ



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